App to Root Phones Running Froyo


It has finally arrived! An application to root your phone. Unfortunately, it doesn’t unroot your phone, but still…

So, no more bitching from people who say rooting is too hard.  If you fail this method, you fail. Not fail, you PHAIL. Application is called z4root. It is written by RyanZA. It is an app format. You can’t get it off of market place, but you can get it. And it’s easy to do. Just as easy as the DORoot and Super One-Click. Still need to do some stuff to your phone though, but here it is:

Image of z4root, found on XDA Developers

Image of z4root, found on XDA Developers

The post on XDA Developers about z4root!

There aren’t really any directions about how to get this sucker working, so here is my cliff note version.


1. Download the .apk file to your computer.
2. Plug your phone into your computer, and put your phone into USB Mass Storage Mode (pull down the notification blind, choose usb connection, and choose USB Mass Storage).
3. Go find the .apk file and copy and paste it onto your SDCard. I put mine in the download folder for ease.
4. Change your phone back to PC Mode or Charge only through the notification blind.
5. Make sure your USB Debugging is enabled (settings, applications, development, usb debugging)
6. Using Astro File Manager (free to download on marketplace), navigate to the folder with the z4root .apk file. Click the file. Choose to Open App Manager, and install.
7. After install is complete, open the app and choose the root application.
8. Voila! You are now rooted. Test root by running an app that requires root (like wireless tether).

This is very very very exciting.

RyanZA, I like to extend my well wishes for a job well done. Good job dude!

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