SFR Round 2 @ Marina

I don’t remember much about Round 2 other than it was a lot of fun. I remember the course to be very fast with a few key points that could make it or break it for drivers. Justin, the course designer, did an excellent job of creating a course that was very straightforward, but required individuals to pay attention to several key components of the course that would separate the fast times from the slow times.

This is my first event of the season, so I was super excited to be driving again. Last time I had a chance to autocross was back in November. That’s 3 months of no autocrossing!

Something new this season… this year, I am co-driving with Dennis Q in his 2013 BRZ. There are quite a few benefits from co-driving. The biggest one for me is keeping our cost down. Since most of the events will be at Marina and Crow’s Landing (about 1.5hr each way), carpooling by itself easily saves $20 for each of us, if not more.

I usually chip in a few dollars for gas when we are car pooling. I am going to keep a running tally of the amount of money spent this season.

Round 2 Costs
$40 Event Fee
$20 Gas
Total: $60

Here’s my best run of the day.

Given that we had old BFG Rivals, I think we did pretty well. The tires were definitely worn out, but all and all, a fun event!