SFR SCCA Round 3 – Crow’s Landing

Finally got around to writing about the most recent event at Crow’s Landing!

Autocross Round 3 was at Crow’s Landing. Josh Salvage designed the course, and boy was it a good one! Crow’s Landing has its challenges. Let’s just say this, Josh did an excellent job of meshing together a course that had both high speed and technical elements! For this particular event, I decided to collect data on my runs so that I could overlap it over the video. Hopefully it gives you some idea what type of speeds we were hitting.

After the last event, Dennis decided it was time to get new tires and picked up the Dunlop Star Spec II’s. Oh baby… these things have grip for days. I don’t really have anything to compare to, but these things were night and day difference over the BFG Rivals. Crow’s Landing was brutal on the tires though, and the way we drove on them didn’t help either. We got them up to temperature pretty quickly, but then found that we were over heating them.

Anyways… all and all, a fun day. To be perfectly honest, there’s never a bad day of racing.

Check out the YouTube video of my run and check out the Speedometer and see what type of speeds we are hitting. I think my top speed was 66 mph through the showcase (or premier corner). The show case corner is the corner that connects the two runways.

I am pretty happy with the result. I am always learning and improving on the platform. So far, I only have about half a season worth of autocross on the BRZ, but it is starting to make sense. My fastest time was 68.527. The class leader is in the 65’s. 3 seconds is a lot of time, but consider the size and length of the course, and that our platform isn’t 100% developed, I am pretty happy with my performance. The meat of the class was in the 68’s.

Next event is around the corner at the end of the month at Marina. If you are interested in giving autocross a try, hit me up and I’d be more than happy to share. Autocross is very accessible and is open to people of all skill levels.

Here’s the usual money tally.

Round 3:
Event fee: $50
Gas for Dennis: $20

YTD: $130 (2 events)