SCCA Solo National Tour – Counting Down

I finally got around to signing up for the National Tour early this week. Money is tight so I try to put things off as long as I can. It’s a lot of money, but should be fun. I still have some prepping to do as Saturday nears. A lot of the prep isn’t so much for the car, but rather prepping for the weekend. Unlike the regional autocross event, the National Tour is a “national” style event. The competition is going to be faster. The rules are going to be more strict. Event will be very structured and systematic. And 3 runs. Event still will be a lot of fun.

I think the key for me for this weekend is to be both rested for my runs and to have realistic expectations. And have FUN. Otherwise, why do it?! My solution for being rested is to use the downtime intelligently. Especially staying hydrated before, during, and after runs. I read on that Crow’s Landing will be in the 80’s this weekend, and I am trying to prepare accordingly. I’ve asked several people to see if they would be interested in pitching in a hand with the prep and working as a group to make our stay at Crow’s Landing as pleasant as possible.

My plans for the weekend are to commute to Crow’s. I was thinking about staying the night, but the cost to stay somewhere was a little more than I wanted to spend, not to mention that I could use the evening to catch up errands or do things with family. All things considered, 1.25 hour drive isn’t too bad. It is a little inconvenient, but otherwise, reasonable. I am hoping to defray the cost of my trip by offering up my passenger seat for anyone else who may be interested in carpooling. If I can save $10 or $20 here and there, that’s easily another autocross event in the future.

I still have quite a bit of prepping to do. I plan to purchase and piece together a misting system tonight. Tomorrow, I’ll make a Costco run and purchase water and snacks. Hopefully, we will have everything we need for this weekend.

As for preparing to being fast… not quite sure… I think I’ll really need to break through to the next level. I’ll have to give in and really trust the car and tires. Crow’s Landing has a ton of grip, especially with brand new tires. I’ll have to really find every little bit. Got to bring my A game.

Anyways, that’s it for now!