A Recap on SFR SCCA Solo Round 6 at Marina

_J5V8996 - Version 2

Round 6 – 5/10/2015 – Picture by Mark Mervich

I did the unthinkable. I went autocrossing instead of staying home and celebrating Mother’s Day. I am such a terrible person. 🙁

Round 6 at Marina went really well. We had a pretty good showing for C-Street with a total of 8. 7 of us were FRS/BRZ, and  the lone BMW. C-Street is always represented very well and the many different platforms provide many close battles.

Course was very simple, but also deceptively difficult as well. All the sweepers were make it or break elements of the course, and rewarded drivers who were able to manage speed through through the sweepers. You really have to hit the three sweepers well in order to put down a fast time. Go into the sweepers too fast and you’ll ruin your exit speed. Go too slow through the sweepers and leave time on the table. The key to the whole day was slowing down enough so that you didn’t understeer exiting the sweeper.

Dennis has been awesome this season. A great co-driver and traveling partner. And he’s improving very rapidly. I have to tip my hat to him, because without him, my autocross season wouldn’t have gone as smoothly as it has. I am very fortunate to be among great C-Street competitors. The class has certainly turned it up a notch and has brought some awesome competition.

As for my runs, they went really well. I started up at 48.xxx and then worked my way down to 47.160/47.163 for my next two runs. My last run of the day, I pushed hard, went all in, and was able to pull a clean 45.976! I was pretty stoked about it. Not sure how I pulled it off, but I did somehow. Only 1.3 seconds behind the leader. I’ll have to figure out what the heck I did and see if I can apply it to every event.

At the end of the day, one of my fellow competitors came up to me and congratulated me on second place in class. “You said what?! Second place?” With my last run, I was able to to jump up several places. I edged out one competitor by a few hundredths. While another competitor, though faster raw time, didn’t get any clean run and was carry a cone penalty on his runs.

All and all, round 6 was a great event. As I drive this platform more, the more I realize what the BRZ is capable of. The platform is very nimble, dynamic, and fun to drive. Completely opposite than my Impreza’s confident, precise, and sharp characteristics. The more I drive the BRZ, the more I realize how driver dependent it is and that the car will not cover up mistakes.

We are off this coming weekend. No autocrosses. We’ll be back in action in two weeks and will be at Marina! Looking forward to getting faster!