Street Racing and Its Effect on Car Enthusiasts

I came across this article last night, and to be perfectly honest, I am a little worried.

LAPD trying to put the brakes on illegal street racing

I am 100% in support for police cracking down on street racing. I applaud them for making an effort to curb it. Street racing is reckless and incredibly dangerous. I don’t want to get into the reasons or justification on why it is dangerous. I think the reasons are very obvious. My greatest fear is that I, a family member, or friend is hurt or killed due to something that could have been prevented. These illegal street races take place on the very same public roads that I use to go to work, to visit my family, or to walk my dog.

My concern is the stereotyping and profiling. I have an issue with people being profiled incorrectly. I drive a car that looks like a illegal street race car. My car sounds like a illegal street race car. I look like a person that illegally street races. Therefore I must be a illegal street racer. BUT in reality, I have nothing illegal on my car, nor do I do anything illegal with it.

This LA Times article is misleading. Car modifications and illegal street racing, though associated, isn’t always 100% correlated. Someone with car modifications doesn’t mean they race illegally. Vice versa, you don’t need modifications to race. Illegally racing a factory car is just as dangerous as racing a modified one.

With that said, please be careful when you read articles like this as there are many misreported incidents. You can not accurately label someone an illegal street racer if you don’t see them taking part in an illegally street race.

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One more link. Can’t call it illegal street racing if there was no racing involved. Can’t call it a sideshow, because it wasn’t in Oakland. Just saying…