Outside of racing, I have a variety of other hobbies. Board games, technology, Magic: the Gathering, and fostering dogs through a local rescue. As I was driving to the mobile adoption event with my foster dog Jimi, I was thinking about what makes a great racer. What is it that sets racers apart from the others.

As I thought of it more, I realized that racing is just as much a mental game as it is anything else. If I had to choose a word or a characteristic that would best describe what it takes to set one apart from another, it would be discipline.

I chose the word discipline because racing takes more than just talent and a good car. I believe discipline is the keystone to developing into a good driver and getting ahead of the rest of the competition. It starts with being disciplined and dragging yourself out of bed early in the morning to make the trip to the race track or autocross. It takes discipline to constantly go faster. It takes discipline to grasp new ideas and concepts. It takes discipline to constantly refine your techniques or the platform that you are racing. It takes discipline to continually have the mindset that you are ALWAYS learning. Discipline. Discipline. Discipline.

People don’t become the fastest racers overnight. They don’t become the fastest racers just by showing up. They become the fastest by investing time and effort in racing, even then, that might not be enough. That’s really the tip of the iceberg. Funny thing is that this is true of ANYTHING you want to do well. Could be playing a musical instrument or cooking. If you want to become good at something, you need to COMMIT.

Just my two cents.

Last but not least, ADOPT, DON’T BUY! Jimi and I will be heading to SF in a little bit to hopefully finalize his adoption. If you ever feel like making a feline or canine addition to your family, consider adopting. There are a lot of great pets out there that just need a second chance and a loving home.