Cone Jar

As I was driving to the Rocket Dog Rescue mobile adoption event on Sunday, I had this great idea on a way to give back to the community. For the last two years, it has been a family tradition among my brother, sister, and myself to make a large donation of toys to the local Toys-for-Tots chapter. We spend the day going on a shopping spree and stretching between $100-$150 on as many toys as we can get, and then delivering them to the local drop-off site.

This year, I want to build onto that. I am planning to donate $100 worth of toys, but I would like to tie in autocross into the mix. I came up with the “Cone Jar.” It pretty much like a cuss jar where you have to pay into the jar every time you use profanity. In this case, for each cone penalty I incur this season, I will pay $1 into the Cone Jar. For every DNF, I will pay $2. Oppositely, I hope that I can get fellow friends and family to sponsor or pledge an amount for a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place finish.

With that said… for the remainder of this year’s events…

For each cone penalty incurred, I will donate $1 to Toys-for-Tots (up to 5 per run).

For each DNF, I will donate $2 to Toys-for-Tots.

Additionally, if Dennis Q., my co-driver chooses to participate with is own “Cone Jar,” I will pledge a donation to his charity of choice.

$5 for 1st place finish
$3 for 2nd place finish
$1 for 3rd place finish

If anyone would like to make a pledge, you know where to find me! Let’s make this happen!