A Quick Update

The next event is just around the corner. It’s been a few weeks since I last autocrossed and I am looking to getting back in the car and seeing what I can do. Dennis and I are going to be on our way to Marina on Sunday morning for Round 8 of the SCCA Championship series.

So far, things are going well. Every event, I am learning a little more about myself and a little bit more about the car. I am still not as comfortable in it as I am in the Impreza, but I’ll eventually get there.

This will be the first event where Dennis and I will be debuting our “Cone Jar.” We’ll pay into the cone jar for every penalty or DNF we will incur. I’ll have to make a trip down to a local sports store and pick up a cone/pylon I will use to collect the money.

A little off-tangent, but I recently got back from Las Vegas for a Magic tournament. On one of my planned “off” days, I went out to Las Vegas Motor Speedway to do a driving experience. I ended up driving a Ferrari F430. That was a lot of fun and I high recommend it. If you are ever in Las Vegas and are looking to do something fun and/or different, definitely check out Dream Racing. You can find my Yelp review here:


Dream Racing - 5/29/2015

Dream Racing – Ferrari F430 Scuderia – 5/29/2015

If anyone was curious how fast I was going, I hit the top of fourth and was in 5th gear at one point. Not sure what that equates to… I think top of 4th was 210kph (~130mph).