SFR SCCA Round 9 Summary

Round 9 is now in the books. Another great event at Marina!

I thought the course was awesome, though, it was a course that rewarded cars with horsepower. It was definitely a lot of fun and was very fast. I was actually bouncing off the rev limiter in several places on course.

The course was a great hybrid of the last two events at Marina. As you might have seen in the videos of my run, there are definitely places where a little extra power would have helped. The BRZ is such a great cornering car, but there are times where it struggles against higher powered cars. The turn-arounds and sweepers were those places on Sunday. The good news was that the whole class was compromised of FRS/BRZs, so everyone had that problem.

My fastest run was a 43.4XX. That seemed to be the wall that I was hitting. My second run and third runs were 43.4xx and both were separated by 3 thousands of a second. I just wasn’t able to find any more time for my 4th and 5th run. I thought that I was doing pretty well on my 4th run to only DNF at the end. As for my 5th run, it was only a little slower than my second and third.

All and all, I had a pretty good day. I thought I put down a pretty good time, even though I wanted to go faster. I think after two runs, I was sitting in first place, but my other competitors were able to put down some faster times. Bummer, but that’s racing.

In other news, I think I need to buy a new tire pressure gauge. I have seem to have lost my gauge. 🙁 Maybe it is time to upgrade to a Longacre gauge??  I bet you that as soon as I get a new gauge, my old one will turn up.

The season is starting to wrap up. According to the calendar, there are two SCCA events left for the championship season. There’s one event at Marina in mid-July and another event at Crow’s Landing in August.

That’s all for now.