Updates to the Auto-X Video/Data Overlay Guide

Capture5Just a heads up to everyone that I made some updates to the guide. I added a section for the RaceChrono app. It seems that app has the ability to let you define a track instead of selecting one.

I played around with it a little bit, and as far as I can see, you can use it for autocross purposes. When walking the course before your runs, you just need to define a “start” and a “finish” and you are all set to go. It isn’t Solostorm, but for $4 + the cost of the bluetooth GPS and bluetooth OBD2 connector, it isn’t a bad way to go.

I think RaceChrono is going to make it a lot easier for me to not only export data, but also compare runs.

Check out the whole guide here. Skip to section IV for the updated RaceChrono information. Still a work in progress, but it is coming along.