Black Armor Helmets

So… I did it. I just put in a deposit for an SA2015 helmet. I came across the helmet while flipping through one of the Sports Car issues and thought was an excellent product. The full price of the helmet is going to be $500 after everything said and done, but to be perfectly honest, I think it will be worth it. The helmet I have now is a Bell M2005 motorcycle helmet. I’ve extensively used it over the last 8 years and I hope to use this new one for the next 10 years. If I continue using the helmet as much as I have been, this purchase will totally justify itself.


I figure that if I am going to use it that much, I might as well get a good quality helmet that will properly protect my head. Check it out. The pre-order is only available for a little longer. When you put down a $98 deposit, they’ll also give you a $100 off early bird special. $400 due on delivery + shipping and handling.

Check it out here: