SFR SCCA Round 10 – Cliff Notes


Round 10’s course with extremely fun, but extremely difficult. The showcase turn made or broke it for a lot of people. My fastest time of the day was my 4th run which clocked a 48.742. I was carry a faster pace with my fifth run, but spun out right before the lights. Go big or go home, right?

Added $1 to the cone jar for an apex cone I tipped on my first run. Otherwise, the rest of the day was uneventful.

C-Street was a stacked class this event. A lot of high level drivers really booking it. 4 of the 7 drivers PAXed in the top 25 this event.


Event registration: $40
Gas money for Dennis: $20
Total event cost: $60
YTD for Season: $540
(6 local events, 1 National Tour)

Cone Jar:

1 Cone: $1
Total Fine for Round 10: $1

Fastest Run:

48.742. Data is a little off, but “it’s good enough.”