SFR SCCA Round 10 Summary

Sorry about getting an update so late. My week has been a little hectic and I haven’t had a chance to sit down and write.

SFR SCCA Round 10

Round 10 has come and gone. I was really hoping to place higher in the event standings, but wasn’t able to do so. The class was stacked with a lot of top tier drivers and I couldn’t really find another second I needed to be a little higher up in the standings.

No worries though. Success does not happen overnight and I will hopefully take what I’ve learn and apply it to future events. All and all, the event went very well. I was able to put down a decent time, and even though I placed 4th, the points did help. I was able to come away with a few more points when factoring in the drops.

Data Logging

The data logging went pretty well. The data overlay isn’t perfect, but it worked way better than I thought it would. Once I set up the start and finish lines and the splits sections, it did everything I needed to do. I was able to get section times in certain areas. I was able to export specific “laps.” And I was able to import them RaceRender without too much trouble.

The data still doesn’t quite sync up correctly, but I think a few more tries and some tweaking and I think it will be pretty good.

What I hope to do for future events is to get a team of individuals who would be willing to working with me on plotting the course. If I could get two or three people to help, we could easily define the course then share it to the cloud where anyone can pull it and import it to their own phones. Just a thought.

Subaru BRZ / Koni Shocks

The car is coming along. Dennis recently had shocks installed and they seem to help. We still need to get it dialed in. The car is a little more complete now and should be a little more competitive than when it was running on the stock shocks.

I think a lot of people make the mistake thinking that upgraded components always means better performance. I think the potential for performance is higher, but in all reality, a poorly configured set-up can be performing worse than a stock set-up.

Anyways, the car ended up handling fairly well. With my starting our runs, I noticed that the car felt kind of slippery. Not sure what the cause was, but I was able to tweak a few things and make it feel a lot more grounded. I think I spent 3 runs total adjusting and finally got it where we wanted.

Porsche 924S

In other news, I received the 924S yesterday. It has a lot of work ahead for it, but it looks pretty decent. Car has a little more than 54k miles on it. For the time being, we’ll put a cover on it and push it to the back of the driveway.

Once autocross slows down, I’ll start working on it. I think what I’ll do is ask a few buddies to help me. Maybe offer food/beer for a helping hand. The weather has been brutal lately, but as soon as it cools down a little, I’ll start working on it.

Who knows what this car may evolve into. 944-spec car? E-Street autocross car? Weekend car? That is to be determined. The good news is that there are a lot of replacement parts available.

Next Autocross Event

The next event that I will be attending will be the Santa Clara Corvette event on August 1st. Going to go down to Marina and drive the Impreza. I am planning to go out there and have some fun while hopefully introducing a few friends to autocross.

The next SCCA event is August 9th at Crows Landing. That’s going to be the final event for this year’s championship series.