SFR SCCA Round 11 and Track Night in America Summary

Hi all.

Sorry about the slow updates. The last few days have been super hectic. Last week was my last week at my previous job and was rushing to get everything finished and out of the way before I moved onto my next position. During the course of the week, I was able to get most of of the things I needed to take care of out of the way. Yesterday (Monday), I started my at my new position and there are a lot of things to learn.

SFR SCCA Round 11

It was a great season. It was too bad that I couldn’t find any more points. All and all, fourth place overall wasn’t too bad. The course was really interesting. It was definitely fast. Too bad it didn’t really click for me. I didn’t really put down a horrible time or anything. It just didn’t click.

So… this event concludes the SFR Championship season. The competition was fierce. The points were tight. And all and all, a great season. Definitely looking forward to Slush 2015.

Track Night in America – Thunderhill West

This past Thursday, I had the opportunity to participate in the Track Night in America event at Thunderhill West. I had a BLAST! I love Thunderhill West. Despite its short length, the course was very challenging and technical. I ended up driving my BRZ because the Impreza was rubbing on the rear passenger tire. I don’t know if that was from before or if that was something that is currently happening.

I loved everything about Track Night in America. It was definitely very well thought out. If only it was closer… $125 for 3x 20 minute sessions and 1 pace lap session, and one parade session! Not a bad deal at all.

The great thing was that the event started in the afternoon and finished in the evening. It is a lot easier to stay up late than it is to wake up early in order to get the track on time. I left the house at 10:30am. Arrived in Vacaville around noon for lunch, and made it to Thill by 2:30. We promptly left Thill around 8, and after a stop for dinner, I was home around 12:30.

I would definitely like to do more Track Nights, but Thursday is such a difficult day to get to the track.

2015 SFR SCCA Slush

It looks like the schedule for Slush is out. So far 4 events. I am not quite sure what I am driving for Slush. I am thinking about driving the Impreza, but we’ll see.

1. October 4
2. October 31
3. November 22
4. December 5