AAS 2015 – Round 9 Summary

Now I remember why I love this car. After almost three or four years of not autocrossing the Impreza, I finally had the chance to bring it back out to autocross. This past Saturday, my friend and I made our way to AAS at Crows Landing. Since it was Melanie’s first time autocrossing and her not being able to drive a stick, I offered up the Impreza.

I had a blast with the Impreza! It’s really a great car. It’s a little slow with the motor on its way out. And there are a lot of parts that need to be refreshed, but we had a great time! I was able to put down a 52.6XX which I thought was very respectable considering the car still needs a lot of work. Melanie put down a 59.XXX. Very good time considering it was her first time with no performance driving experience and she could barely reach the pedals.

Mel's Selfie. And you can totally see a reflection of the car in the visor.

Mel’s Selfie. And you can totally see a reflection of the car in the visor.

The car seemed to hold up great, and it seemed to handle just fine. I think it does need some fine tuning though. Got to love that shorter wheel base. The brakes were okay… typical squishy Subaru brakes. Crows Landing was pretty brutal on the tires, though. I guess we need to bring out water for future events. Got to do what you got to do.


So… I am kind of at a dilemma. What will I drive for Slush? Do I co-drive the BRZ? Or should I drive the Impreza? Choices… choices. I was super burned out at the end of the SFR Championship Season, but after driving my Impreza again, I am super excited to get back into it.

Here’s my fastest run. I was carrying a little quicker pace on my last run, but I ended up spinning out… Snap oversteer… Ouch. But all good. I had a blast!

Here’s Melanie’s fastest run. 59.XXX and would probably be 1-2 seconds faster if she didn’t hesitate at the end when she plowed into the cones.

All and all, a great event. I had a great time. Melanie had a great time. And can’t wait to get back to it!