Impreza for Slush 2015

After a lot of thought and consideration, I’ve decided to drive the Impreza for the upcoming Slush season. It’s be a few years since I last competitively autocrossed it, and after hopping into it this past weekend, I would like to get in a few more events.

The car is still very rough, and I am not quite sure where it will class, but given what it is, it is still a super fun car. It still needs a lot of things to be refreshed to get it back to where it was, but a little at a time and it will be almost like new.

Other than being a fun car, the other reason I want to drive the Impreza is because I enjoy sharing autocross with friends and sometimes… friends are not able to drive a stick.

Last reason, and I’ve mentioned this before… The Impreza compliments the BRZ very well. I take the skills I’ve learned from driving the BRZ and apply them to the Impreza and vice versa.

I am definitely looking forward to the slush season. After doing CS for a whole season, I welcome the more laid back pace. During the season, I sometimes focused too much on being competitive rather than having fun. There were certainly a few times where I was disappointed with my driving.

Definitely looking forward to the Slush season.

I think I am going to also up the penalty for the Cone Jar. I think I will up the cone penalty to $3 per a cone penalty incurred and $5 for a DNF. The Cone Jar has been successful, but at the $1/$2 penalty points, the amount accumulated feels kind of light.

That’s all for now.