What to Do??

Over the last few days, I’ve given a lot of thought about what I want to do with the Impreza. For the most part, the car is going to be the same, but it does need a few little things. Regardless of what I want to do, I still want to get it back together into a solid street car that I can drive around town.

An 18 year old car certainly has its challenges. The motor is not producing as much power as it used to. The shocks are worn. And there are many little things that need to be refreshed on the car.

For the time being, the priority is to get the car smogged and some of the smaller items fixed up. I’ve been fighting with the Check Engine Light for awhile now. Almost several years. In previous years, the CEL would just go away, but now, it is just being a bit more stubborn.

With the SCCA Solo Nationals coming up, I have a little break where I can work on the car. I think the first event after Nationals is either late September or early November. Plenty of time…

I do have some interesting questions I need to ask myself for the Slush season though. First one is which class do I class my car into? STS? Street Mod? T2? Index? Lots of places to go. Legally, the Impreza should be classed in Street Mod because of the carbon fiber hood, but I don’t think there will be a whole lot of competition in that class. Well, rather competition from me anyways. We’ll see. The Impreza, in its current state, shouldn’t be that competitive.

STS on gentleman’s agreement? Or X-STS on gentlemen’s agreement? I think those would be the best place to be competitive. Though, Street Mod sounds appealing. I could just drive and not worry about the competition. After thinking about it a little more, I am very inclined to run Street Mod, because I know that I won’t get distracted or caught up in the competition. I think it would allow me to enjoy myself a little more and focus more on driving.

So… I guess that settles it. Street Mod it is.

That’s it for now!