Golden Gate Lotus Club 5 Days Away

Nationals are over and autocrossing is now back to its regular schedule! Yay!

We are 5 days away from the next event! A group of friends and I have signed up for the Lotus Club event at Marina on Sunday. I have to say that I am relieved that autocrossing is back! Not autocrossing for several weeks was driving me crazy!

I don’t really have any plans other than to enjoy myself. The plan is to autocross the Impreza this event. The car isn’t all that fast, but it is fun to drive! And hopefully, it doesn’t break! This past weekend, despite what my mom told everyone, I was actually productive. I was able to make a new set of magnetic numbers and letters. I picked up a few items I needed such as rope to tether the canopy, weed sprayer to cool tires, and magnetic vent covers to make the magnets.

The magnets came out great. I ended up reusing the numbers, but had to cut new letters for the class. Since the vent covers only came in white, I had to spray paint them black to contrast the white exterior of my car. All and all, they came out well! I think start to finish took about 30 minutes.



Yesterday after work, I also rigged a seat cushion insert for Melanie. The problem with bucket seats is that is specifically catered to someone. Everyone has different bodies. The problem is that the bucket seat in the L works great for me, but not for Melanie. And it doesn’t help that the seat doesn’t recline. The cushion is kind of primitive right now, but I definitely think it will do. I’ll probably steal some more foam from work and make adjustment as needed.

That’s all for now!