Upcoming Events & Traveling to Sites

Upcoming Events

Next autocross event for me is this Sunday at Marina with AAS. I am still not quite sure what I am going to drive, but we’ll figure it out this weekend. It is currently a toss up between the BRZ and the Impreza. Event info can be found here: http://www.americanautox.com/run-group-info/runwork-groups-for-round-12/

Next Sunday will be the SFR Slush Round 1 at Marina as well. I am planning to drive the Impreza for the all the Slush events. Hopefully it holds together. More information on this event can be found here: http://www.sfrautox.com/?page_id=162

If I make it to these next two events, I’ll have autocross for three straight Sundays. Talk about a lot of autocrossing and having a problem. 😛

Traveling to Sites

For me, Marina Municipal Airport is 1.5 hours away. When I first started autocrossing many years ago, there were 3 or 4 main sites, and the events rotated between them. 3 of the sites (Candlestick, Golden Gate Field, and Oakland Coliseum) were in the Bay Area, while the last, Marina, was located toward Monterrey. All were very accessible from anywhere in the Bay Area, though some places were further for some than others.

Candlestick’s surface eventually degraded, and the stadium eventually demolished.

Golden Gate Field’s surface was the same story. Site is still there, but isn’t used.

Great America’s parking lot was added as a site for a time, but is no longer available as Levi’s Stadium now resides on the area we were parking on.

Oakland Coliseum still seems to be a site option. The surface has degraded quite a bit, but still very much usable.

Marina, for the time being, is still available for use. Not quite sure what is going on with Marina Motorsports, but for this calendar year, the site is still being used for autocross.

Crows Landing was recently added a few years ago. The weather can be brutal in the summer, and there is a small price premium, but the site seems to be the most appealing site.

This past season, all the events were either at Marina or Crows Landing. Both are 1.5 hours from me. That’s a lot of driving for each event. The good news was that Dennis and I were able to work around that by co-driving and carpooling. However, it is still tough, especially for those times where we have to wake up extra early to get to the site.

Hopefully next year we could get some closer venues to help with the distance.