Future Fixes and Upgrades


Ever since I got back into the Impreza, I’ve thought about how I could get the car back into tip top shape. The Impreza has been a solid platform for many years despite the power, the slow transmission, and degrading components.

Over the last few days, I’ve thought about either replacing and/or upgrading the current suspension components. The Impreza currently utilizes Stance Coilovers, but their age is really starting to show. Though the set-up has served me well for many years, it is really showing its age. I can hardly complain, though. The set-up has lasted me 60-70k miles, 2 track days, and several seasons of autocross. Not bad at all!

I’ve really tossed around the idea of replacing the set-up with the KW Variant 3’s, ST Suspension (KW’s budget line), or sticking with Stance. Each has their pros and cons. KW V3 is a proven set-up, but comes with a big price tag. ST’s price tag is a bit less, but offerings is limited for the GC platform. And Stance offers the best value for the buck, though I feel the shock is no where as good as the KW V3.

Unfortunately, coilovers will have to wait as there are other priorities, but it is certainly something to think about.

GoPro Carrying Case

I’ve been looking at a decent GoPro carrying case. As some of you might know, I utilize two GoPros and a bunch of other accessories to record my autocross runs. I have a small camera case right now, but it isn’t really big enough to hold the second GoPro.

I was thinking about this one:


I think this one will be perfect. I am a little hesitant about the price though. There seems to be similar products, but for half the price. I think this case will be enough for my:

2x GoPro
2x Suction cup mounts
Several batteries
Various joints
WiFi Remote
ODB2 Bluetooth thing
Android device
GPS receiver

What does everyone else use to carry their action cameras?