2015 SFR SCCA Slush Round 1 – Marina, CA

By Melanie K.

SFR SCCA Solo Slush Round 1 – 10-04-2015 – Marina, CA – Picture: Melanie K.


Another autocross in the books. First, the weather was just beautiful. Not too hot, and not too cold. just perfect enough to wear a light sweater or jacket. After the Lotus Club event two weeks ago, I definitely welcome the change in temperature. I love the fall and the cooler weather. There’s something soothing and relaxing about it.

Anyways… We brought the Impreza out to Marina again. Melanie drove her third autocross ever today and she’s really starting to develop as a driver. Me on the other hand… well, I am still trying to figure that part out.

The course was just awesome today. Kudos to Josh Salvage on a very nice course. Check out the video below. It all flowed really well, and was super beginner friendly.

Kudos to everyone who helped out today at the event. We were done before noon and off-site and having lunch at 12:15. Food was kind of mediocre, but otherwise, it was decent. I’ll have to share my Yelp review when I get around to writing it.

Kudos to Melanie on a strong performance on her third autocross ever! Especially in the Impreza!

My best run from today:


Mel’s best run from today: