How-To Get Started in Motorsports

I figure that this would be a good time to make this post as I’ll probably forget in the future.

Tonight, I ended up striking a conversation with a few fellow patron at the pool hall. He had happened to see the SCCA Solo logo on my SCCA (non-Champion) jacket, and inquired about the Sports Car Club. We talked about a lot of things, but I think this is a great place to start.

The hardest thing about getting started in motorsports is actually getting your foot through the door and actually trying it. Full disclosure: I am heavily biased to autocrossing, but I’ll try my best to provide several avenues to explore to getting started. With that said, everyone is a little different. Check these links out and choose your poison. There are plenty of options and I am sure that there is one that will fit your time commitment, skill level, and/or budget.


2015 SFR Solo Slush 2 – Picture by Ric Quinonez

Go ahead… choose your poison! Drift. Drag. Autocross. Rallycross. Karting. Track. Or all of them?!

General Racing Stuff

QOTD: How Can I Drive My Car on a Race Track – Alex Lloyd

Driving Line: 10 Ways to Get Started in Racing

I don’t agree with this whole list, but still worthwhile to take a look at.

Autocross Stuff (a.k.a. Solo)

Racer Boy: Autocrossing 101 – Rob Krider

SFR SCCA Solo – Official Site

Other Autocross Clubs:

American Autocross Series –
BMW Car Club of America –
Golden Gate Lotus Club –

Track Day Stuff

Here are three online articles about SCCA’s Track Night in America. If you are interested in performance driving your street car on a race track, this is a great place to start.

Track Night in America – Official Site

Here are some other track day options:

NASA High Performance Driving Event (HPDE)




Finally… The Slush Videos

Slush 2

Work sent me off to China for two weeks for training. I arrived home the day before the event, and was racing despite the jet lag. Not even 24 hours in the country…

Slush 3

Drove a supercharged FR-S this event. Here’s my fastest run, and the car’s owner’s fastest run.

Slush 4

Last event of the season. Ended up driving the BRZ. I brought a knife to a gunfight, but figured it was more important to have a safe and comfortable car than to drive my Impreza that has expired registration.


December 2015 Update

First of all, just wanted to apologize to everyone about being so bad about the updates. The last two months have been super busy. As I have a few spare minutes at work, I just wanted to share a few updates with everyone.

The 2015 season has come to an end. Great season! Got a ton of autocross in. I attended every SFR SCCA event except for Boondoggle plus a bunch of other events with other clubs. Yes, I know. I have a problem. 😛

I’ll have the videos of Slush 2, 3 and 4 posted up here pretty soon. They’ve already been uploaded to Facebook and YouTube and just need to be linked here.

I’ve also finally caved in and bought a Black Armor helmet. It is AWESOME! I put a deposit down some time ago, and but just finally bit the bullet and finalized the order. I doubt I will do a review of it, but maybe I’ll post a “walk around” of the helmet for other people who might be interested.

I think that’s all for now!