Boondoggle 2016

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone for a job well done today. And when I mean everyone, I really do mean everyone, from chairs and chiefs to participants.

Everyone stepped up today. We had an awesome 200+ people show up today. I wanted to at least mention a few individuals. First off, thank you to Dennis for co-chairing with me. Hats off to Justin for an awesome course. Much thanks to all the chiefs who make these events possible. Lastly, I wanted to thank everyone who went beyond to keep this event running smoothly. I want to thank everyone who came up to us chairs and asked “where we can help?” I especially want to give props to everyone in run group 4&5 who made clean-up and breakdown swift and painless. We started clean-up around 6, and had the trailer doors closed and locked by 6:15. Awesome job!

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the next event!