2017 Resolutions Recap

Update on my 2017 Resolutions

My goals for 2017 and in no particular order:

  1. Run a 9-ball rack (pool) and improve my billiards game. I’ve actually broke and ran a 9-ball game before, but haven’t done so since my session of APA League Pool. Stretch goal: Top Gun in 9-ball for my local APA league. There were a lot of break and runs this year. No Top Gun, but a strong showing in both 8 and 9 ball.
  2. Stage 0 Weight Reduction (lose some weight) and be a little healthier. Maybe make some time and pick up Aikido again. First milestone is to lose 20 lbs. This didn’t happen. I think that I actually gained a few lbs. This year, I’ve decided to change a few things and am working on making this a reality.
  3. Be a little more selfish and spend MORE time focusing on myself and the things I am passionate about. I think I did this. It’s a work in progress.
  4. Chair at least one autocross event for the 2017 Championship Series and one event for the 2017 Slush series. Done.
  5. Podium at an autocross event in my class with more than 5 entries. Done. This past year has been a huge improvement. After 3 years of owning the car, I finally have a full platform to race on. And this rear wheel drive thing is starting to click.
  6. Fix the Impreza, and then fix the Porsche. Let’s not talk about this. Nothing has changed. Lol.
  7. Be more supportive of my friends in their interests and passions, even if those things are no interest to me. Still trying to do this. I think I’ve gotten better at it, but I still think there is a lot of growth that still needs to take place.
  8. Be relatively debt-free by the end of 2017. I am more debt free, but still a ways to debt-free.
  9. Play more Magic: the Gathering than I did in 2016. I think I played about the same amount of Magic. I am looking to play more in 2018.