Ask Me Anything About Autocross

One of things I like to do in my spare time is write. I am generally not that great at writing. There are plenty of more talented individuals than me out there, but what I do enjoy is sharing my experiences and thoughts through writing.

As this week leads up to the SCCA Pro Solo Finale and Solo Nationals, I thought this space would be a great place for a “Ask Me Anything About Autocross.” I am going to give this Q&A format a try. I would love to field questions from anyone, especially non-racing or non-car people. So… ask away!

Send your questions to me on FB, Instagram, or whatever!

Why are you a shit driver?

K: I don’t push the right pedal all the way down, and I use the middle pedal a way too much.

What is your favorite auto-x element? Least favorite? What do you want to see more/less of at an autox?

K: Most favorite to date would be the “fake walloms” as I would call it. It’s essentially a wallom where only the last cone is relevant. The cones in front don’t do anything at all. Visually deceptive, but lots of fun. Least favorite element would be anything that requires me to slow down to 20 mph to get through. There isn’t any one element I would like to see more or less of. Maybe more creative/unique elements.

Is it more fun/stressful/expensive to auto-x with your daily driver or a car you keep just for racing?

K: Fun – Dedicated race car. The more prepared the car, the more fun it is to drive. Stressful – This kind of depends. More prepared car requires more work to get to get ready. A street car is essentially arrive and drive. Expensive – Definitely the more prepared car. Race tires are not cheap.