2017 – American Autocross Series – Round 5 and 6

Hi all.

Here are my videos from this past weekend’s autocross event. All and all, the event went well. Couldn’t quite catch the leaders in D-Street, but overall super happy with my runs. The BRZ got a few tweaks last week and the modest upgrades were a day and night difference.

Thank you to Rich for allowing me to use his garage and helping me install the Hotchkis Front Sway Bar. Amazing how much the sway bar and alignment can do. I also ended up installing the OEM crash bolts and had Auto Innovations do an alignment on the car last Thursday. The final specs for the alignment came out to:

-1.3/-1.4 camber in front
-1.6/-1.7 camber in rear
0 toe

Thank you to Erik for running with me and helping me dial in the car on Saturday and An for running with me on Sunday. With the tweaks, the car felt worlds better!

Kevin’s Best Run – Saturday – Round 5

Kevin’s Best Run – Sunday – Round 6

An’s Best Run – Sunday – Round 6


Autocross Update

Hi all.

Sorry that I haven’t been keeping up to date with the autocross updates. I promise that I’ll try a little better keep the update coming. A quick few notes:

I’ve uploaded my best runs from Round 1 (Boondoggle), AAS Round 3, Round 2, and Round 3 to my YouTube channel. All my videos can be seen here:


In addition, I started to organize my videos by year. Hopefully, this will make accessing videos a little easier!

That’s all for now!