Cone Jar

Stole this from somewhere. Place holder for now until I can create my own.

Stole this from somewhere. Place holder for now until I can create my own.

Cone Jar Total:


Round 8: 5 cones – $5
Round 9: 1 cone, 1 DNF – $3
Round 10: 1 cone – $1
Round 11: 2 cones, $2
Total: $11


Round 8: 2 cones – $2
Total: $2


What is the Cone Jar?

The cone jar is a fund that I pay into for each cone penalty or DNF I incur at an autocross event. At the end of the season, I will use the collected funds to purchase holiday gifts and donate them to Toys-For-Tots!

How does the Cone Jar work?

For the remainder of the 2015 season, for each cone penalty, I will pay into the jar $1. If I incurred +1, I will pay $1. If +5, then $5. If I DNF during a run, I will pay $2 for the DNF in addition to any cone penalty incurred that run.

How can I contribute/help?

There are many ways for you to contribute. The easiest way is to simply donate to your favorite charity or non-profit. If you are a fellow autocrosser, you can join me and start your own “Cone Jar” benefiting a charity/non-profit of your choice. If you are not an autocrosser, you can support those with “Cone Jars” by committing to a challenge pledge (a donation for a podium finish), or matching a donation for cone and DNF penalties. Or even just a flat donation.

I am challenge pledging my co-driver’s (Dennis Q’s.) cone jar for each podium finish he gets. $5 for first, $3 for second, or $1 for third.

My goal:

My goal is to reach $100 for the remainder of the season. In addition, I hope to persuade my fellow competitors to join me on this endeavor by starting a “Cone Jar” for their choice of charities/non-profits.