Race Car

1997 Subaru Impreza L

For the 2016 Solo season, I will be returning to my humble beginnings and campaigning my old Impreza. It is hardly fast and is still in a state of disarray, but when it is back together, it will be a lot of fun to drive.


2013 Subaru BRZ Limited
(Dennis Q’s car)

This season Dennis and I have decided to pool our resources and campaign his BRZ in C-Street (CS). C-Street (formerly C-Stock) is a street class that allows modest upgrades. Off the top of my head, the class allows drivers to upgrade or change these items: tires, shocks, brake pads/rotors, a single sway bar, and exhaust. Essentially, you are allowed to change anything that is considered wear and tear. We race against other FRS/BRZs, RX-8s, Miatas, MR2s, and 350Zs. The competition is close and exciting, and the financial commitment is relatively inexpensive to have a competitive car. The competition is good; and the company is better.

Dennis and I are extremely excited to be campaigning the BRZ for the 2015 season.


Me (#13 CS) Autocrossing at Marina Municipal Airport – Photo: Mark Mervich


Dennis (#137 CS) – Marina Municipal Airport – Photo: Mark Mervich


Dennis at Crows Landing – Photo: Mark Mervich – We lost our #7 magnet on course.

_J5V3864 - Version 2

Dennis introducing my car to some pylons – Oakland (2014) – Photo: Mark Mervich


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